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Ettenhuber chooses electric buses from Solaris
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Ettenhuber chooses electric buses from Solaris

18. Dec. 2018
Busse News

Ettenhuber chooses electric buses from Solaris

18. Dec. 2018
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Solaris will deliver a further three electric buses to Germany - this time they will go to the capital of Bavaria. It will be the "Bus of the Year 2017" awarded model - Solaris Urbino 12 electric. Owing to the agreement signed with the Bolechowo-based manufacturer, the company Josef Ettenhuber GmbH will be the first private bus company in Germany to carry passengers using electric buses.

After winning tenders for the delivery of electric buses to Berlin and Hamburg, Solaris signed a contract for the production of three Solaris Urbino 12 electric vehicles for Munich and the surrounding area. These are the first electrically powered buses purchased by a private bus company in Germany. Ettenhuber GmbH is also the first operator to purchase Solaris Urbino 12 vehicles in their latest installment.

The vehicles will be equipped with 240 kWh Solaris High Energy batteries, which will be charged via a plug-in connection. The charger will be connected, in accordance to the manufacturer’s standard, to the socket mounted above the first right-hand wheel arch and, at the special request of the German carrier, also on the right-hand side, at the rear of the vehicle. The drive will be provided by electric axles with integrated electric motors.

The non-emission buses for the Munich-based operator will feature a new design characterized by rounded windshield and a new front lighting system based entirely on LED technology. Instead of the previous 5 headlamps, all the lights (road, fog, indicator and parking) will be replaced with 3 reflectors only.


There will be 33 seats installed inside each bus, and 12 of them will be available from a low floor. The vehicles will accommodate up to 71 passengers. The comfort of traveling onboard Solaris electric buses will be ensured thanks to the air conditioning and passenger information system. USB sockets will allow you to charge mobile devices while traveling, and many will appreciate a WiFi access to the Internet. To increase passenger safety, the vehicles will be equipped with a collision prevention system - Mobileye - which warns the driver about unplanned and uncontrolled divergence from the drive lane with the use of visual and audible signals.

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