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2016 Busan Motor Show
Busse News

2016 Busan Motor Show

24. Jun. 2016
Busse News

2016 Busan Motor Show

24. Jun. 2016
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From 3 June to 12 June 2016 took place Busan Motor Show 2016 in BEXCO, Busan. The theme of the fair was "Future wave , Inspiring technology". In this year, 230 vehiches from 25 manufacturers are exhibited and about 100 Parts company also participated. There were 7 buses and 8 commercial vehicles (including minivan) of KIA, MAN, S-Motors, Hyundai and Noble Klasse. Daewoobus did not participated in this year.
At 2014, there were only 2 buses, the 'New Gran Bird Silkroad' from KIA and 'Blue City CNG Hybrid low-floor' from Hyundai, but fortunately visitor could watch  more buses in this year.

Buslife explains the infomation of the buses in Busan Motor Show. Because of the many photos, this article is separated two part.
The first part is for the description of the show and you can see lots of photos at the second part.



Hyundai exhibited 'Universe Express Prestige', which is a new version of Hyundai's coaches. Universe Prestige is a coach for the Expressbus Operators who wants to service a extreme luxury bus. Hyundai exhibited already many times a concept model similar to 'Universe Prestige'. But this model is not only the last concept, but also a model for mass production. Therefore, it is maybe 'World Premiere'.


There are many different things between Universe and Universe Prestige. There is BLU (Backlight Unit) upper Front bumper instead of his emblem. It is the same design as a model, which exports to Japan. This can use a display for the Expressbus Operators Name or different purpose.


A radar sensor for AEBS (Advanced emergency braking system) is located also left side upper Front bumper. 

An advanced emergency braking system (AEBS) or autonomous emergency braking (AEB) is an autonomous road vehicle safety system which employs sensors to monitor the proximity of vehicles in front and detects situations where the relative speed and distance between the host and target vehicles suggest that a collision is imminent. In such a situation, emergency braking can be automatically applied to avoid the collision or at least to mitigate its effects.

All new buses that are more than 11 meters long in South Korea must install AEBS from the year 2018. Therefore perhaps all Universe variant will have AEBS.


In addition, the keypoint is in the interior. Universe Prestige has luxurious seats for passengers, that is the same as business class in the airplane. This seat has a seat back that can recline electrically up to 65 °, and a partition with Infortainment Tablet. There are also USB port for smart device and a small table. Passengers can make a private room by a using the curtain and feel like a private tour.

Hyundai exhibited three variants Solati which are a basic model, an emergency service vehicles and a campervan. There are also many trucks and minivan in the outdoor exhibition area. Every exhibition, Hyundai presented eco-friendly bus as Hybrid Bus, electric bus or a Fuelcell bus, but in this year, there is unfortunately anything.



KIA had an exhibition booth for cars and coaches together. KIA exhibited a concept model of his coaches. Namely 'New Gran Bird Silkroad Primium Gold Express'. Although there is a similar concept with Universe Prestige from Hyundai but KIA did not dicide whether it produces or not. The exterior of the Granbird was not big difference as a former model. New Granbird also has a radar sensor for AEBS.


The seat for 'New Gran Bird Silkroad Primium Gold Express' was from South Korea. It has the same function as Hyundai's. Although there is no curtain between the seat, there is another advantage that you can also control the headrest electrically and there are wireless charger for Smartphone everyseats.




S Motors is a bodybuilder who uses a chassis from Mercedes-Benz and became famous through Seoul Motor Show 2015. S-Motors presented Total 6 minibuses and minivans. The name of the model is called 'VIP 11', 'Luxury-17', 'LF-15', 'KG-27'.

VIP-11 is the most luxurious model from S-Motors. The concept is moving VIP room. The driver's space and the space for the passengers is completely separated. Although that is minibus, but this minibus has air suspension, 43-inch Smart TV, the speaker by Harman/kardon, the electrische controlled seats with 3 point seat belt and etc.


Luxury-17 used the same chassis as VIP-11, but the driver's space and passengers is not separated. The seats are slidable to right and left. It is very good point, that there is a special place for an amplifier and EQ.

KG-27 is a bus for kindergarten, which has seats for children. 23 children and 1 teacher can travel together.


LF-15 is a minibus with Low floor and it has 14 passenger seats and the place for two wheelchair. Actually, this bus is not a low-floor bus, this minibus is called a LE (Low Entry) typ. Ohwohl it is not a full low floor, this bus follows the Korean law that a minimum 35% of the bus must be the low floor. LF-15 can operate in the small village or for the route that does not have a lot of passengers. For the senior citizen or the disabled people, or who lives small village, this minibus will be suitable. 


MAN Truck & Bus Korea

MAN presented new TGM in its first Exhibition for South Korea. Previously, there were only two trucks manufacturers (KIA and Hyundai) for Light-Duty Trucks in South Korea. But now, this sector will have highly competitive market.

There was only truck in the show, but there were still important information about buses. MAN was planning to sale two bus models for South Korean market. One of them is a city bus and the other is an open-topped bus. The city bus from MAN is a 12m lenge 3-door with natural gas. but that is not a Lion's City. The sector of the Korean bus is very high-demanding market, so many Koreans have an interest whether MAN gets a good result or not.
The Singledeck Open-Top bus is a good idea, because there were only Doppeldeck Open-Top buses in South Korea.


Noble Klasse

Noble Klasse is a tuning company that they usually transforms KIA Carnival. In this moment, they exhibited Hyundai Solati (H350) luxury version beside Hyundai's booth. This is just a concept model, so visitors can not see inside of that minibus.

Thank you for reading Article 1, There are many photos at next Article.

Text by Ilmin Park
Photos by Minsung Kim
Edited by Wonho Choi

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