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€99,00 1 week travel - 001 Baden-Wurttemberg in Germany

€99,00 1 week travel - 001 Baden-Wurttemberg in Germany

01. Jan. 2016

€99,00 1 week travel - 001 Baden-Wurttemberg in Germany

01. Jan. 2016
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Are you want to travel more cheaper? Here is one tip for you.
You can travel a journey only 99,00 EUR for 14 cities.
Only €99,00 and 1 week. I have made a plan. and I traveled 13 cities in Germany and Strasbourg in France from 21. Dec to 27. Dec.
Let me introduce a special tip for you.

€99,00 / 1 Week Travel,

Season-1. Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Baden-Württemberg is a state located in Southwesten of Germany. The west part borders on France and south part borders on Swiss.
Stuttgart, Ulm, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Freiburg im Breisgau and Konstanz is a famous city in Baden-Württemberg.
I have been to Stuttgart, Ulm und Heidelberg. So I excepted this city in this plan.
€99,00 is only for Public transportation costs. Accommodation is from Gastehouse to Comport Hotel. The meal is also for individual idea and budget. So I will guide only about Public transportation costs.

Day 1

Mannheim : Watertower, Mannheim Baroque Palace
   + transport : S-Bahn (€5,40)
   + VRN Single tickets Adult Pricelevel 4, limit 180 Minutes
   + BC-Ticket is €4,10 (with BahnCard 25, 50, 100)
Speyer : Altpörtel, Speyer Cathedral, Memorial Church(Gedächtniskirche), Historiy Museum of Pfalz
   + transport : S-Bahn (€9,50 with BahnCard)
Karlsruhe : Karlsruhe Palace, Marktplatz, Ettlinger Tor

Day 2

   + transport : RE+S-Bahn(€5,30, with BahnCard)
   + KVV Single Tickets 7 Region with BahnCard, limit 240 Minutes (€7,10 without BahnCard)
 - Maulbroon : Maulbronn Monastery
   + transport : Bus+RB (€6,20 with BahnCard)
   + DB Regional Bahn Ticket (You can ride Bus(No. 735) to Eutingen Bahnhof.)
 - Calw : Hermann-Hesse-Museum




Day 3

   + transport : RB+IC+SBB(€14,25 with BahnCard, Special offer)
   + Special offer + BahnCard 25
 - Konstanz : Bondensee, Imperia, Constance Council, Notre-Dame Cathedral




Day 4

   + transport : RE (Baden-Württemberg Ticket €23,00)
   + Possible to use all public transportation in Baden-Württemberg
   + Baden-Württemberg-Ticket from 9:00 to 03:00(next morning), All day on weekend
 - Donaueschingen : source of the Danube(Donauquelle), Fürstenberg
   + transport : RE+RB
 - Titisee : Titisee, other. - Badeparadies Schwarzwald(Waterpark)
   + transport : RB+BSB
 - Breisach : Pfarrgemeinde St. Stephan, Sunset on Rhein river
   + transport : Bus or BSB
 - Freiburg im Breisgau




Day 5

 - Freiburg im Breisgau : Freiburg Cathedral, City center, Blue bridge, St. Martin-Church, Herz-Jesu-Church, etc.
   + transport : Expressbus (€6,00 Special offer)
   + Flixbus/Meinfernbus
 - Strasbourg in Frankreich  : Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg, La Petite France, Place Kléber, etc.




Day 6

   + transport : SWE+RE (€14,00 with BahnCard)
   + Normal price (Flexpreis)
   + From Strasbourg to Triberg via Kehl or Offenburg
 - Offenburg : Cityhall, city center, etc. - Winery
   + transport : RE
 - Triberg : Cuckoo Clock, Original black forest cake, Waterfall, The Biggest Cuckoo Clock in the world




Day 7

   + transport : IC (€14,25 with BahnCard)
   + IC special offer
 - Baden-Baden : Friedrichsbad, Caracalla Therme, Protestant church, Casino




Total Cost : €97,90

♦ Hint

1. Search Special Offer for Deutsche Bahn(German Railway).
2. If you buy a Flexpreis ticket, Visit a city of stopover.
3. Single Tickets : You can ride a bus, tram, subway and commuter in one direction with transfer.
4. Expressbus is cheaper than train.
5. Länder-Ticket (for example. Bayern Ticket, Baden-Württemberg Ticket, etc.) is good for hop on hop off many other city.
Thank you for reading. Where is your next destination?

Article : Wonho Choi


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